Fast Company: Duke Energy Jim Rogers CEO on the future of energy


Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy
  • Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy

Since Duke Energy is one of Charlotte's darlings, I thought our CLog readers might be interested in hearing what CEO Jim Rogers has to say about the next 50 years in the energy biz. Here's a snippet:

What do you believe the energy mix will look like in the coming decades?

Over the last 20 years we have started using coal in a cleaner way. But there needs to be more technological development to use it in a low carbon world. Is this carbon capture and storage (CCS)? Is it a system to use algae to capture carbon and accelerate the growth of algae and then use it as a biofuel? I think CCS will play a role particularly if utilities are in a region where the geography works, but that's predominantly in the Midwest. The ultimate solution to [make coal more sustainable] is to recycle the carbon. We have relationships with a number of Chinese companies, and they're actually more focused on how you recycle the carbon rather than storing it. On some level, it seems like a more sustainable practice to take it and reuse it rather than store it in the ground.

Read the entire interview, with Ariel Schwartz, here.

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