Nasty Nancy Grace defenders come out of woodwork



Wow, Nancy Grace fans came out of the woodwork after reading yesterday's anti-Nancy blog post. Received a slew of e-mails, all but two of them negative, and was accused of everything from condoning baby-killing to having “a thing” for Casey Anthony. Jeez. I honestly don’t mind the negative comments — you get used to that kind of thing in this line of work — but it just seems bizarre to get so many of them about this particular topic. Yes, I know there are many people in this world who don’t care about the political issues some of us consider more important, and whose primary interest in the news is as a source of vicarious excitement or outrage or worry or whatever. But damn, people ... getting riled up to the point of seeing spots before your eyes over a case in which you do not personally know anyone involved, is, well, pretty screwed up.

But let’s be positive, and assume that most of the e-mailers and Nancy Grace defenders are simply concerned about children’s welfare — a noble outlook, for sure. If that’s the case, then I agree with an old acquaintance who wrote yesterday that if people who have spent so much time following the Casey Anthony case and talking about it would have devoted just a fraction of that time to mentoring or helping a child, the world would be a better place and many children would be safer. OK, that’s enough of being positive about these people. What I really think is that American TV culture has spawned millions of trial-watching zombies who would do well to get off their asses and do something constructive in this world, rather than feeding their own emotional turmoil by getting second-hand kicks through Nancy Grace. Thank you and goodnight.

Casey Anthony hugs her attorney after being found not guilty of murder
  • Casey Anthony hugs her attorney after being found not guilty of murder

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