The CLog Top 10: June 2011



In this monthly feature, we're posting the 10 stories that received the most Web hits from readers during the previous month. (Note: The Top 10 excludes Happenings-style posts or posts solely mentioning time-expired events.) The list starts at No. 10 and goes up to the top-viewed article of the month. Click on the provided link to be taken directly to the story.

10. Uptown! violence follows all too familiar script by John Grooms


9. SCORES's 10 best movie striptease scenes by Matt Brunson

8. President Obama changes immigration game plan by Rhiannon Fionn-Bowman

7. Creative Loafing columnist Tara Servatius exits the airwaves by Cheris Hodges

6. Green Lantern not bright enough by Matt Brunson

5. Kristofferson can't save bloodless Bloodworth by Matt Brunson


4. The Tree of Life: Movie as mood piece by Matt Brunson

3. Midnight in Paris: Say oui to Woody by Matt Brunson

2. Super 8: Raiders of a lost art by Matt Brunson


1. X-Men: First Class: The joy of X by Matt Brunson

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