Banks and nukes


propublica-logo has a couple stories that touch big business — banking and energy — in Charlotte, here are the snips:

Bank Lobby Says ‘Fight Continues’ on Debit Card Fees, Warns of ‘Dire Consequences’

The banking industry stands to lose billions in debit card transaction fees after losing one of its biggest lobbying battles this year—but for the banks, that was just Round One.

U.S. Nuclear Regulator Faces Fresh Scrutiny for Bending Safety Standards

In the wake of Fukushima, story after story has been published about the cozy relationship between Japan’s nuclear industry and its regulators: Japanese nuclear regulators extended the use of reactors despite concerns about equipment upkeep and left key safety measures to the initiative of plant operators, as many have reported in the months since.

While nuclear regulators in the United States don’t have their Japanese counterparts’ explicit dual mission of both regulating the industry and promoting nuclear energy, an investigation by the Associated Press published today shows that in several critical ways, the two countries’ regulatory agencies may not be so different.

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