Charlotte company, Edison Nation, can sell your ideas


Photo Credit: Aparna E.
  • Photo Credit: Aparna E.

In case you missed this article in Sunday's New York Times, I thought you'd like to hear about this innovative Charlotte company.

Edison Nation takes all of those good ideas people come up with and makes them a reality. Cool, eh?

Check out this snip from the article:

“We focus on the people who have great ideas but want to keep their day job,” says Louis Foreman, the chief executive of Edison Nation, the company in Charlotte, N.C., that teamed up with Ms. Kaufman. “We’ll never compete with the people who are hard-wired to go out and start their own business — and we don’t want to.” But risk-averse people have eureka moments, too, he says. And that’s Edison Nation’s sweet spot.

“We have lots of fuel to turn a spark into a fire. But sometimes that spark is elusive,” says Mr. Foreman, who says his company splits all revenue with its inventors. “There’s no hold-back. If a dollar comes in, 50 cents goes to the inventor, 50 cents to us. It’s a transparent process.”

Read the entire article, by Amy Wallace, here. (Subscription may be required.)