State legislators play politics with abortion rights



In case you missed the news earlier this week, the N.C. House of Representatives passed a bill that will slow down the abortion process for women who seek one.

From The Charlotte Observer:

The state House voted 71-48 to prohibit an abortion unless a woman is provided with state-specified information about the physician at least 24 hours in advance. Women also would get information about the likely stage of development of the unborn child, the medical risks of having an abortion and giving birth, and the availability of abortion alternatives.

This bill, by the way, called "The Woman's Right to Know Act" is sponsored by Mecklenburg County's Ruth Samuelson, a Republican. It will now move on to the Senate and, if they pass it, Gov. Bev Perdue, who has already expressed her disapproval.

From The News & Observer:

"The legislature should be focused on what they said they would focus on: creating jobs and strengthening education," she said in a statement. "Government has no role interfering in the relationship between a doctor and a patient. Legislative leaders who vow to make government less intrusive and to protect individual freedom are advancing a bill that does just the opposite."

But, the "Women's Right to Know Act" isn't the only abortion bill before the General Assembly this session, who seem fixated on the issue. Which begs the question: Do our representatives understand that they have other things to do in the state house besides trying to dictate what the female populace can do with their bodies?

Click the photo to be taken to the General Assembly's list of abortion bills, so you can review them for yourself.

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