Palin bus tour got favors from fed workers she bashes as 'do-nothings'



No Republican politician bashes government and government employees more than Sarah Palin. All those “do-nothing, faceless bureaucrats” and employees “feeding at the public trough” just make her sick. Except when she wants them to do her a few special favors, apparently. Palin, former half-term governor of Alaska, has been reaping a whirlwind of publicity from the press she routinely disparages, so why shouldn’t she be just as much of a hypocrite when it comes to people with “gummint jobs”?

As Alyssa Rosenberg of ThinkProgress deftly points out, one of the things keeping Palin’s bus tour “going smoothly is, in part, federal employees” – like the ones who opened the National Archives early so the Travelin’ Palins could see the place, unmolested by those common everyday tourists who don't have their own reality shows. The Washington Post reports that the Palins got private tours and were allowed to skip lines at National Park Service (NPS) sites, and NPS employees bent over backward to accommodate Palin’s publicity stunt every step of the way. As Rosenberg quips, “maybe when [government employees] are helping her out, they don’t count as ‘faceless’?”

It’s interesting, if not maddening, that Palin can take what amounts to a private tour of the East Coast’s federal parks and historical landmarks after she has spent many an interview bashing federal spending on the very organizations that keep those landmarks and parks open and available to the public.

Oh my God, Todd, look! It's one of those disgusting federal employees!
  • Oh my God, Todd, look! It's one of those disgusting federal employees!

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