A peek into the wallets of North Carolina's politicians


Photo credit: Elyce Feliz
  • Photo credit: Elyce Feliz

Guess what you'll find if you peek inside a politician's wallet? That's right, money from corporate interests and business groups.

I know, I know: This isn't news, this is business as usual. But still, here's a snippet from a recent article in the News & Observer:

Business groups have poured money into the campaigns of the Republican leadership, many of whom are championing their agenda in the halls of the legislature.

Since 2007, Senate leader Phil Berger has taken $448,331 in political contributions from business groups and executives, while House Speaker Thom Tillis has taken in $218,300 from such groups, according to state campaign finance records.

Many other key Republican leaders have also received heavy business contributions.

But that does not differ greatly from their Democratic predecessors, Senate leader Marc Basnight and House Speaker Joe Hackney.

Read the rest of the article for some specific examples.

Know that the chances are very high that companies you patronize are padding the pockets of politicians. Some company names you'll recognize from the list: Bank of America, Duke Energy and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Can we stop pretending that our government hasn't become a corpocracy now?

How 'bout now?


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