Sales for 'birther' book — Where Is The Birth Certificate? — soar, sane people weep



Many words have been written about our country’s poor level of education in comparison with much of the civilized world. Nothing — and I mean nothing — offers more proof of that sad truism than these two simple facts, as reported by CNN:

  1. The new book by serial conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, Where Is The Birth Certificate? — which a reasonable person could conclude would not sell very well after Pres. Obama produced his “long form” birth certificate — is No. 6 on the New York Times bestseller list.
  2. Seventeen percent of Americans (that’s around 53 million people) still believe Obama was “definitely or probably” not born in the U.S.

Even worse news? These people vote, and have influence on lawmakers. Not to mention that they also reproduce.

"Can you believe these dopes?"
  • "Can you believe these dopes?"

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