Virginia Foxx's latest: defund medical schools that teach abortion prodecures



Noted North Carolina half-wit (and U.S. 5th District congresswoman) Virginia Foxx has jumped to the top of the pile of GOP lawmakers who've been competing to claim the mantle of Most Opposed to Abortion. Outdoing her colleagues, Foxx sponsored an amendment, which passed this week,  taking away all federal funds for any medical schools that teach students how to perform abortions. Luckily, Foxx's amendment is tacked onto the bill to repeal health care reform, which is slated to pass as soon as I win the Powerball lottery.

Foxx gained national fame, or notoriety, during the health care reform debates when she said one of the results of reform would be that Americans could be "put to death by their government," and that health care reform was more dangerous to the American people than terrorism. With all the new Tea Partiers joining her in Congress, perhaps, as the BlueNC site put it, Foxx is worried she's losing her spot as the dimmest bulb in Congress. This latest venture ought to seal the deal for her, although there's still a chance Louie Gohmert of Texas or Steve King of Iowa could launch comebacks.

Next up from the GOP? A bill to ban the word “abortion” from the dictionary; a ban on all medical procedures beginning with the letter A; and defunding of all federal roads that lead to, or go by, any clinics or hospitals where abortions are performed.

And you thought YOUR representative was a screwball
  • And you thought YOUR representative was a screwball

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