Students help install second solar panel in Concord


An x-ray image of our sun. (Photo credit: blueforce4116)
  • An x-ray image of our sun. (Photo credit: blueforce4116)

And this is how change happens; people make it happen. Kudos to these proactive students.


Cannon School seniors Avery Olearczyk and Brianna Ratté recently helped erect the second solar panel on Concord’s electrical grid at their school.

Avery’s and Brianna’s project followed internships with the Electric Power Research Institute in Charlotte, where the two teens got the idea of making their school an example for solar power use.

They worked with more than 50 scientists, engineers, businesspeople, national and local public officials, and school administrators to make their project a reality. Since late March 2011, a renewable energy solar panel fitted to Cannon’s middle school building has been producing power.

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