Poisoned and pissed in the Gulf: BP one year later



Yesterday was the anniversary of the start of the catastrophic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The folks at Facing South, which is the online magazine of the Institute for Southern Studies in Durham, have published the first part of a five-part series on the aftermath of the spill, and it is an eye-opening, riveting read for anyone who’s even remotely interested in finding out what’s going on in the Gulf states these days. You can read it here. The series is written by Sue Sturgis, formerly of the Raleigh News & Observer and the Independent Weekly in Durham, and one of the best investigative reporters in the South. Here’s the intro to the piece:

A year after the BP oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, a growing number of cleanup workers and coastal residents are reporting debilitating health problems associated with exposure to toxic chemicals in crude oil and dispersants. Faced with inaction from the federal government, victims are organizing a grassroots movement to demand action.

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The Transocean Deepwater rig, blown to hell and leaking like a motherfucker
The Transocean Deepwater Horizon rig, blown to hell and leaking

Investigative reporter Sue Sturgis

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