Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority uses city's No. 1 stalling tactic: A consultant report


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Oh boy — another consultant study!! The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, in response to public uproar about Tim Newman, CEO of CRVA, and his history of “lapses of judgment,” did what Charlotte public bigwigs seem to always do when they’re backs are to the wall: They're hiring a consultant to write a report. Yeah, I know; I’m laughing, too. Oh, and they won’t renew Newman’s contract until they see that report, by golly! They mean business!

It’s the tried and true, Uptown Charlotte stalling tactic. Something going wrong at your cushy, public service job? Hire a consultant to write a report! Someone embezzled from a government program? Hire a consultant to write a report! Everyone except you and your intimidated bosses thinks you should be fired? Hire a consultant to write a report! Can’t figure out which is your butt and which is a hole in the ground? Hire a consultant to write a report! And of course, now: You’re a board of directors that doesn’t want to take responsibility for letting a CEO repeatedly break your organization’s rules? Hire a consultant to write a report! It’ll take the pressure off temporarily, and in the meantime, maybe Newman will quit and save us the embarrassment.

If that last item is really on the CRVA board’s unspoken agenda, the board’s members better think again. Newman has always been a brazen opportunist — you don’t go from being the gooberish honcho of the Charlotte Knights to the gooberish-but-with-nicer-clothes, $300K+ salaried, employee-shtupping CEO of the CRVA without baring the teeth of your feral ambition for all to see. Unless he has some other sweet deal lined up, it’s highly doubtful Newman will leave on his own.

So once again, the minority of area citizens who give a rip about these kinds of things are met with, not a stone wall, but Charlotte’s famous “moving stone wall” — hiring a consultant to gain some time; er, I mean, to write a report. One more time, very legitimate complaints are evaded by those whose position mandates that they be accountable. “Man up” is an obnoxious term, but a fitting one in this case, so I’ll say it: The CRVA board needs to man up and do its job without hiding behind the skirts of an upcoming consultant’s report.

Still hanging on: CRVA's Tim Newman
  • Still hanging on: CRVA's Tim Newman


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