Who's looking out for the students at UNC Charlotte?


UNCC's Chancellor, Philip "show me the money" Dubois.
  • UNCC's Chancellor, Philip "show me the money" Dubois.

I'm beginning to second guess my decision to graduate from UNC Charlotte. I certainly wouldn't have if I had a better understanding of the university's bureaucratic bullshit and disdain for its own students.

In recent news ...

We've got Chancellor Philip Dubois (that's dube-wa for you plebes) trying to pimp out the his students' dorm rooms — to the Democratic National Committee for $500 bucks per bed per night with the promise that he'll turn the university's fall semester ass-side up for the dough. I mean, who needs a quality education when you can shove everything into a semester with three fewer weeks than what you've paid for? It's not like college is stressful enough as it is, or anything.

Fortunately, the DNC, an organization that appears to have more of a soul than the university, declined, citing its concern about shortchanging the students. (Thank goodness someone's looking out for them!)

Speaking of paying for college, let's talk about tuition rates ... no, never mind. I'm not going to go there. We all know nothing outpaces tuition rates when it comes to price surges. But, the school really needs those new brick buildings and walkways — Oh! And a new Uptown location! ... it's a separate budget ... now, be sure to print your own syllabus, bitches, 'cuz there's no money for paper. Suckas!

Then we've got Qcitymetro.com reporting that it's taking students longer to graduate than before since budget cuts mean fewer classes, meaning scheduling said classes is going to be even more of a pain in the butt than usual.

No wonder Dubewa was looking to make a little extra cash on the side. Now, maybe someone can try and convince him to budget more for his student's education than his building projects (i.e. legacy).

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