Bristol Palin paid seven times what her nonprofit spent on teen pregnancy prevention



A couple of years ago, Bristol Palin made a big deal of joining up with a teen pregnancy prevention outfit called the Candie’s Foundation. Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that the group paid Ms. Palin a salary of $262,500. After checking out the foundation’s tax forms, one progressive outfit found that the foundation only disbursed $35,000 in grants to actual teen pregnancy health and counseling clinics. In other words, Palin was paid seven times more than was received by organizations supposedly being helped by the group for which she worked. These figures pretty much confirm critics’ claims that Candie’s is much more interested in improving its public image than preventing teen pregnancies. As part of the infamous Palin School of Brazen Opportunism, we imagine Bristol got a big gold star from Mom.

Bristol "Abstinence just isn't realistic" Palin
  • Bristol "Abstinence just isn't realistic" Palin

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