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From the Conservation Trust for North Carolina:

Newly filed legislation in the North Carolina House (HB574) and Senate (SB462) calls for taking away half of the dedicated funding for the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) and the Natural Heritage Trust Fund (NHTF).

These trust funds preserve natural areas across our state, protecting water quality, and creating and expanding parks, trails and game lands.

NHTF and PARTF receive almost all of their funding from the deed stamp excise tax from the sale of real estate. These bills would redirect half of that revenue to the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund. Lobbyists for North Carolina’s homebuilders and realtors put this bill into motion to seize money from conservation.

North Carolina's leaders dedicated the funding for PARTF and NHTF 19 years ago because they recognized the economic importance of balancing conservation and development. Now, this wise policy is threatened by the development community.

NHTF and PARTF revenues are already down significantly due to the real estate slowdown. The permanent 50 percent cut that would result from these two bills would mean that essential conservation projects will never get funded. That means dirtier water and air, no new parks or gamelands, and a weakened economy.

The General Assembly is moving quickly to formulate its budget. We need YOU to let lawmakers know that we oppose these misguided bills.

Please take part in Land for Tomorrow's action alert by clicking here. Contact your legislators today and urge them to oppose HB574 and SB462!

Thank you for supporting protection of our land and water.

Reid Wilson

Executive Director

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