Enough with the Bigfoot sightings already


Thanks to R8R for the image.
  • Thanks to R8R for the image.

In case you missed it, you should check out WCNC's Jeremy Markovich explaining his encounter with a Bigfoot spotter. And then, he talked to a Bigfoot "expert" who refuted the claims of the spotter. Seriously.

Or, well, maybe. I'm waiting to hear that this is an early April Fool's Day joke.

Byers got four seconds of video. Blurry, dark video. He saw Bigfoot for a minute. Tops. The Sasquatch was around seven feet tall, 300 pounds, with yellow teeth. It left behind six-toed footprints. It gave off the stench of decay, and it also had something that’s not found on most gorilla costumes. “It was very clear to both of us that it was a male,” Byers said, fumbling around for the most polite words. “I mean, you could see, I don’t want to say, trying to think, uh, you could see its private parts.”

We’ve heard this story before. People have been talking about Bigfoot since the 1850’s. They started seeing it a whole lot more after an article in December 1959’s True magazine. The most famous Sasquatch sighting of all was caught on 16mm celluloid shot in northern California back in 1967. A few years ago, the owner of Charlotte’s Morris Costume claimed he sold a gorilla suit to the man who made the filmstrip.

Then came Tim Peeler of Casar, who said he saw not just any Bigfoot, but Ben Knobby Knob, the decades-old Bigfoot who’s, allegedly, indigenous to Cleveland County and those parts. Among the quotes that made Peeler’s description into a national story last summer:

  • “He had beautiful hair.”
  • “I rough talked him.”
  • “Git!”

Byers saw the story on Peeler. He isn’t sure if he saw Knobby. The thing he saw had long brown stringy hair, the shade of a winter deer, he said. Peeler’s version had beautiful blonde hair. Byers was scared and awed. “It’s the most amazin’ thing I’ve ever seen,” he said.

I looked through my Rolodex for a Bigfoot expert. I actually found one.

Read the entire article here.

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