Don't forget to wipe your cell phone


Thanks to Jeramey Jannene for the photo.
  • Thanks to Jeramey Jannene for the photo.


Half of used cellphones still hold personal data

Selling that old cellphone? Make sure you wipe it clean of personal data. Then really make sure.

More than half of the secondhand mobile phones examined in a British study still had sensitive personal data on them, including credit- and debit-card PINs, Facebook and Twitter usernames and passwords, bank account details, friends’ phone numbers and company information.

Yet a related poll of British adults who’d sold mobile phones found that 81 percent believed they’d completely cleaned their old handsets of personal data.

“White hat” hacker (someone who uses his skills to improve security) Jason Hart bought 35 used cellphones from eBay and brick-and-mortar shops. He used data-recovery tools of varying strength to find that 19 still contained the previous owners’ personal data.

Read the entire News article, by Paul Wagenseil, here.

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