Brainiac Rush Limbaugh calls Obama & advisers 'sissies'



Now and then, the fire breathers on the right let something slip out that reveals just how infantile much of the far right's mindset really is. With the Fox/Beck/Malkin/Coulter/Rush crowd,everything is in black and white, their own government is the universal boogeyman, and fighting foreigners on their own soil is a must for proving what a macho country the USA really is. It's a narrow band of thought they trod — call it their imbalance beam — and when you get a glimpse into their sad, juvenile noggins, it's often a shock.

Here's an example: Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh called Pres. Obama and his male advisers "sissies." He was reacting to a column by CNN's David Gergen, who wrote that a female friend had said it was ironic that women advisers had "talked Obama into  using force" against Gaddafi, while his male advisers had opposed the move. To Rush, in his eternal adolescence, it all made sense. "We're talking about male liberals!" bellowed Rush.  "Of course they were opposed. It's the new castrati ... they're sissies! And here's the leader of the club, and he's sitting in the Oval Orifice."

Sissies. Castrati. The Oval Orifice. The kinds of sexually loaded insults you'd expect to be thrown around by pimply teenaged boys insecure about their "manhood." I'm sorry, but since Rush's goofball "thoughts" don't deserve any kind of actual analysis, all I can find to say is, "What a fucking imbecile." Sometimes the simple, unvarnished truth is the only reaction possible to swill-slingers like Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh, ruler of his kingdom
  • Rush Limbaugh, ruler of his kingdom

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