NC Senate Prez Phil Berger: Can’t get student loan? Just move to another county



On the heels of Gov. Perdue’s veto of their attempt to nullify health care reform for North Carolina — and the refusal of conservative Democrats to join a veto override effort — the GOP-run legislature is still introducing one harmful bill after another. The latest bad idea from Mecklenburg County’s pride and joy, Speaker Thom Tillis, and his friends in the House  is a bill which would allow local community colleges to refuse to offer low-interest federal loans. That bill passed the House yesterday. Republican leaders say the bill is intended to provide more local control, while Democrats argued that — duh — it would primarily hurt low-income students who are trying to improve their lot in life, and could even force some of them to turn to loan sharks. The bill now goes to the Senate.

NC PolicyWatch reports that Senate President Phil Berger, in classic delusional style, said that allowing community colleges to refuse to make low-interest federal loans available to students who need them is, somehow, a big plus for “individual freedom.” You see, explained Berger, who probably last spoke to a low-income person somewhere around 1982, a student who could not get a needed low-interest loan at his or her local community college — get this — could simply pack up and move to another county where the community college offers them.

Here is a video of three Democratic Representatives speaking against the bill in the House:

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