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Here’s a joke making the rounds of the Internet that does a great job of summing up what’s going on today in the U.S. economy and American politics:

A corporate CEO, a Tea Party member, and a union worker are all sitting at a table when someone brings them a dozen cookies. Like a flash, the CEO reaches out and rakes in 11 of the cookies. The other two look at him in surprise, but the CEO looks right into the eyes of the Tea Party member and says, "You better watch him," nodding toward the union worker. "He wants a piece of your cookie."

I got that joke from Daily Kos, not usually one of my favorite progressive sites, but its commentary on the joke is right on the money:

Those at the top have always found it easy to get people to champion their cause. There's always a group that feels wounded, angry and neglected. This group is susceptible to being told that they're better than some other group, that some other group is getting a better deal, that some other group deserves to be put in its place. It doesn't matter if that group is called Irish or Italian, Black or Hispanic, union members or government workers. Anyone can be painted as a threat with enough hot air and yellow journalism. Anyone.

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