Richard Burr wants Granny's social security check back


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This from the party that can't stand the idea of taxing the rich or regulating corporations — like insurance companies.

I mean, why pick on the people with money when you can kick the poor in the teeth ... repeatedly?

Go America!

From The Statesville Record and Landmark:

Reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is essential to eliminating the massive debt in this country.

That was part of the message Sen. Richard Burr delivered as he spoke to the Rotary Club of Statesville during its Thursday meeting at the Statesville Country Club.

Burr said the U.S. spent about $3.7 trillion and collected $2.2 trillion in the past year. Eliminating discretionary spending and the military, he said, would still leave a deficit of $200 billion. “What’s left?” he asked, rhetorically. “Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

Burr, a Republican in his second term on Capitol Hill, said it will take a bi-partisan effort to reform those programs in order to solve some of the debt problems facing this country. The three programs account for 57 percent of the federal budget.

“We have to be bold enough to reform Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security,” he said. “If we do it right, there won’t be anybody in America that won’t feel the effects.”

Read the entire article, by Donna Swicegood, here.

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