CIAA Notebook: Thursday



• At halftime at the Livingstone College and Virginia Union University  men's game and the stands inside Time Warner Cable arena show that more people did buy tickets and are using them. The price reduction worked to get people inside and not standing around waiting for parties. Good job, CIAA.

• VUU was once very dominant in the CIAA, but they struggled against Livingstone, which was once the league's doormat.

• It's still early in the tournament, and the people in the arena are the die hard basketball fans; however, the heels (on the women) are getting higher and most of the men here have fresh hair cuts.

• All of the CIAA bands play the same songs during the game. Can we use some of the money made during the tournament to get them some new sheet music?

• With about a minute to go, a game broke out. LC: 55 VUU: 56. It's going to go down to the wire.

• None of the old-school frat brothers have gray hair. How is that possible? Just For Men black hair dye sales must go up in the week before the CIAA tournament.

• VUU fan said, at the end of the game, there is a lot of cussing going on Richmond, Va. Final score, LC; 59 VUU: 58.

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