N.C. politicians with guns: You've GOT to be kidding



Chris Fitzsimon at NC Policy Watch points to the General Assembly in Raleigh for what he calls “a candidate for the most ridiculous bill” of the year. Introduced by one Rep. Stephen Laroque (R-Bumfuck, Eastern N.C.), the bill would let elected officials in North Carolina carry a gun anywhere, anytime. Fitzsimon notes that, if passed, the bill would mean that elected officials could carry concealed weapons into businesses that have banned them, or into government buildings, where they are prohibited. In other words, violating business owners’ property rights would be OK, as long as you’re a pistol-packing lawmaker; and the law would give elected politicians special rights denied ordinary citizens.

Those are very reasonable objections; Mr. Fitzsimon is a reasonable debater. But, personally, this writer’s reaction was more along the lines of “Are you friggin nuts?! ‘Politicians with guns’ is just about the last damned thing the state needs.” I’m particularly thinking of one former representative, Rep. Cary Allred of Burlington, who earned his 15 minutes of fame in 2009 when — all in one day — he was pulled over by a state trooper for going 102 mph in a 65 mph zone, showed up drunk at the legislature, repeatedly groped a 17-year-old intern, and argued incessantly with the House Speaker and the leader of his own party, who kept tugging at Allred’s jacket to get him to calm down. Now, imagine the argumentative, half-crocked Allred with a big ol’ pistol under his jacket. Does that sound like a good idea?

One thing for sure: If the proposed bill had been law the other night, the wacked-out bitchfest of a county commissioners meeting could have been even more jaw-droppingly outrageous than it already was. Ahh, what the hell, go for it. Just be sure to pass out Kevlar vests to members of the public who show up for the showdown.

Rep. Steve "Six Guns" Laroque wants to be armed when you show up to see him
  • Rep. Steve "Six Guns" Laroque wants to be armed when you show up to see him

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