CIAA Notebook: Wednesday Night



• Charlotte's Johnson C. Smith headed into halftime of the men's quarterfinals with a 2-point lead over Chowan University. This is the second year JCSU and Chowan met in the quarterfinals. At halftime, a Soul Train line broke out with the JCSU cheerleaders and fans doing old school moves to Roger and Zapp. In the Rock The Rooftop area, a DJ named Mr. Goodstuff — who looked more like Rufus, the Bobcats' mascot — kept the crowd moving with more old-school tunes.

• The crowd in the arena is a mix of older and really young. The crowds are growing, but is traffic jamming yet?

• The older crowd, 40 plus, knows how to party, too. The difference between them and the under-35 crowd is they wait until the game is over. They aren't the day party crowd.

• Chowan doesn't have a band, so the J.C. Smith International Institution of Sound basically put on a concert. Best song: Kanye West's Power.

• Trevin Parks, the CIAA player of the year, transferred to JCSU from UNC-Charlotte. He makes a big impact on the court for the Golden Bulls.

• For a Wednesday night, it was pretty crowded in the arena. You could tell the home team was playing.

• Mr. Goodstuff has become almost as big as Mr. CIAA, who I didn't see at the JCSU-Chowan game.

• JCSU avoids the loss to CIAA neophytes Chowan with a 67-60 win. Trevin Parks is the Food Lion MVP of the game.

• After the JCSU win, the arena emptied out pretty quickly. JCSU plays Bowie State University at 9 p.m. Thursday night.

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