Ooops. Charlottein2012 shoulda bought .org, too.


Charlotte in 2012

For those of you who purchase domain names on the Internet or design websites, this news will probably make you laugh. For everyone else, this is exactly why hosting companies encourage you to buy .org, .info, .biz, etc.

The host committee for the Democratic National Committee's upcoming convention probably fielded the same decision. They could have bought, but they didn't. Larry Bumgarner did. So, while is the DNC's cheerleader site, Bumgarner's .org site is, ummm ... definitely not.

Bumgarner, by the way, also runs, (which redirects from ... and who knows what else. He classifies himself as an unaffiliated independent voter and he recently lost a bid for county council.

And, apparently, he's none too thrilled about the DNC coming to town.

At (where the tag line is "Charlotte, the remnants of a fine place to live."), there are pages like "The NAACP doesn't want you," "Light Rail Facts" and even a place where you can "make arrangements to join others for your protests here and book early."

You can check out the rest for yourself.

Now, has everyone learned their lesson about buying domain names?

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