'No Postsecondary Education/Illegal Aliens'



That’s the short title for HB11, a bill barring college access for undocumented students, which has been introduced in the N.C. General Assembly. The bill seeks to reverse the May 2008 decision that allowed undocumented students to attend North Carolina community colleges under certain conditions; CPCC, for example, will only take undocumented students who pay out-of-state tuition, among other stipulations.

The bill is being met with heavy opposition by those who support the rights of undocumented students. The website Dreamactivist.org detailed an e-mail exchange between a member of the NC DREAM Team and Rep. Cleveland;

“It is saddening that one of our state’s representatives would go out of their way to deny a segment of our state’s population the right to educate and better themselves,” said Ian Smith-Overman, the member who sent the e-mail. “I believe your decision to sponsor this bill is short-sighted at best and vindictive at its worst.”

Rep. Cleveland responded within five hours. “I find it revolting that an American thinks that we should financially support people that cannot legally work in this country through taxpayer subsidized education,” he said. “If you feel so strongly about this issue find an illegal and pay for their education at a private university."

Interested in voicing your opposition to the bill? Come out to Marshall Park tomorrow, Feb. 1, where a vigil to fight HB11 will be held from 6 p.m.-6:30 p.m. You can find more information on the event's Facebook page.

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