• Among the artists with works at FABO are Noel Fludgate (above) and Barbara Chadwick (below).

The events at FABO Café began as home parties — what owner Amy Ausseiker likened to that of Mary Kay parties, but of local artists’ goods. Ausseiker traveled from friend to friend's home setting up temporary displays to peddle the wares. Packing and unpacking the works became a cumbersome and potentially dangerous chore for the artwork, so as a trial, Amy was able to experiment and set up shop in Elizabeth as a retail venue. Since then, Aussieker has turned this traveling showcase into a thriving business model on Selwyn Avenue; it’s trademarked and can be set up anywhere and everywhere local artists need support.

Currently, there are 55 local artists who are displaying pieces. The artist roster has grown rapidly, and the venue is looking to grow the stable of artists as it proudly continues to offer a diverse selection of art. FABO takes applications to participate in this business model. There’s a clear understanding in this agreement that allows artist to gain the attention of potential buyers that they may not normally have attracted. The artists are encouraged to advertise and make their friends or potential clients aware of where to see the art because the more people who know, then obviously the better for everybody.


Works don't sit around. Curated by popular demand, the works on display are those that suit the publics' tastes. You can find something for everyone here. From paintings, pottery, jewelry and furniture, there’s a lot to enjoy, but if it doesn't sell, the artist has the opportunity to replace it with one that might. This can hardly be an issue with everything so affordable. As Ausseiker states on the website: "FABO's lower price point means you can buy a piece of original artwork made by a local artist for the same price as a print from a big retailer ... so we say BUY ORIGINAL ART! Most of our work is under $1,000, with jewelry starting at $5, pottery at $8 and paintings at $40.”

In addition to the coffees, pastries and art, there’s the community itself, and FABO delivers with various events — for instance, there’s a mention on the site that “This weekend and next [Jan. 29 and Feb. 5] from 10am - 12am, bring the kids by and meet artist Carlleena Person! She will be painting a giraffe mural and the entire family can help by adding their handprints!”

FABO is a welcome addition to the growing art scene that’s developing in — and spreading throughout — Charlotte.

FABO Café is located at 2820 Selwyn Avenue (Tranquil Court), Ste. 180. For more information, call 704-900-2430 or go here.

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