Who cares about a damn speech? STFU!


Thanks to Jessica R for the pic!
  • Thanks to Jessica R for the pic!

I'm tired of all the talk, talk, talk, yackkedy yack. We already know our president can give a good speech. We already know members of Congress want to look like they're playing nice. And, frankly, I'm not interested in gluing my eyeballs to the screen on Speaker of the House cry-watch.

Plus, let's face it, everyone's got a damn opinion about these types of events. Crap, hours before the president could even take the podium people were judging his speech. Let me be clear about that, too: I don't give a shit what any of the pundits have to say about the State of the Union speech either. I don't need them to help me form opinions, do you?

Here's the deal: Who gives a fuck about a damn speech? What counts is action.

So, dear President Obama and screwy Congress: Shut the fuck up and get to work. I don't give an elephant's toot about your promises or your quest to just get along. I want to see some real progress. And, I mean it. I don't want any more empty promises or PR spin about half- ass attempts, I want PROGRESS.

Cut the bullshit out of the budget. Stop allowing your employees to slack off, and if they persist fire their asses. Stop bowing down to corporate interests and people with fat wallets and recall your role: You're public servants. Now act like it, listen to us and obey our damn commands. Our people are sicker and fatter than ever, our kids are dumb, our bank accounts are empty, our credit cards are maxed, our natural resources are wheezing, our roads are full of potholes, our bridges are ready to collapse ... and on and on and on ad nauseum. You've got a lot to do, people. So, I repeat: Shut the fuck up and get to work.

If you blowhards spent as much time on your over-produced speeches and your political aspirations as you do on actually governing our country, we wouldn't need regular pep talks.

Rhiannon "Rhi" Bowman is an independent journalist who contributes snarky commentary on Creative Loafing's CLog blog four days a week in addition to writing for several other local media organizations. To learn more, click the links or follow Rhi on Twitter.

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