Theater review: Celebrity Autobiography



Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words

Booth Playhouse

Jan. 25, 2011

The Deal: Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words, a humorous show built around an assortment of superstars’ real life stories comes to Booth Playhouse.

The Good: Creators/stars Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel and their acclaimed entourage, comprised of Tom Booker, Cady Huffman, Christopher Sieber and Charlotte personalities (like Mike Collins of WFAE) read and articulated a number of goofy passages from celebrity autobiographies. This included selections by Suzanne Somers, Tiger Woods, Britney Spears, Vanna White, David Hasselhoff and more. Readings were done individually and as a group (for such historical affairs, as the love triangle between Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher). The show is hands down hilarious. Be prepared to laugh a lot.

The Bad: Not a thing, though it is a little disturbing to hear some of the air-headed bits of information these famous folks chose to include in their books. That in mind, we should still be glad they got published. The show's ability to bring out the unintended humor in these books makes them worthwhile — and might even help boost book sales.

The Verdict: Celebrity Autobiography continues at Booth Playhouse through Jan. 30, so go check it out. For more information or tickets, call 704-372-1000 or visit

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