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The Onion: They call themselves "America's Finest News Source." They're full of shit, of course, but that's the point. The Onion is like the Mad Magazine of news sites, not only making fun of the news but also of those who report it.

And now, they've got The Onion News Network on the Independent Film Channel (IFC). It premiered Friday.

For a taste of what to expect from The Onion's new show, one segment was about a young, beautiful white girl, age 16, who was in court — accused of stabbing a classmate to death with a screwdriver. The news? The judge decided she would be given "the harshest possible sentencing" — she would tried as a 300-pound black man named Mondale Brown ... which made her cry. And, why wouldn't it with our judicial system?

Of course, all of this is done with the same glitz, glamor and Barbie-like pundits that all 24/7 news networks offer. The purpose? To make us think twice about what's being presented to us as "news," even if the packaging is perfect.

Here's a clip:



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