The CLog Top 30 for 2010



Thousands of stories received Web hits on The CLog during 2010; here, we're posting the 30 that generated the most traffic. (Note: This list excludes Happenings-style posts or posts solely mentioning time-expired events.) The list starts at No. 30 and goes up to the top-viewed article of the year. Click on the provided link to be taken directly to the story.


30. Best films of the decade by Matt Brunson

29. Theater review: The Aluminum Show by Anita Overcash

28. Vampires Suck: Bloody awful by Matt Brunson

27. America's 50 poorest cities ranked; 7 in Carolinas by Rhiannon Bowman

26. Dennis Hopper: Easy rider by Nsenga Burton


25. Medical pot in N.C.? by John Grooms

24. Former DHS head Michael Chertoff paid to push 'porno scanners' by John Grooms

23. The Book of Eli: See it on faith by Matt Brunson

22. Salvador Deli owner Stuart Sloan dies by Cheris Hodges

21. 'God hates fags' crazies of Westboro Baptist Church to picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral by John Grooms

20. Who's funding the Tea Party? by Rhiannon Bowman

19. Judge to Jinwright: Go directly to jail by Rhiannon Bowman

18. Black Swan: Amazing grace by Matt Brunson

17. The Last Airbender: Let's hope so by Matt Brunson

16. The great Darlene Love on Letterman by John Grooms

15. Inception: Dream weaver by Matt Brunson

14. 'The cycling epidemic' — a rebuttal by Ann Groninger, Martin Zimmerman and Melissa Bell


13. The Wack List: Feb. 22 — featuring Adam Lambert, Eric Holder and more by Carlton Hargro

12. 10 best movie striptease scenes by Matt Brunson

11. Q&A: Courtnee Mason from VH1's You're Cut Off! by Jarvis Holliday

10. Glenn Beck reaches new depths of delusion by John Grooms

9. Tiger Woods looks more black on Vanity Fair cover by Nsenga Burton

8. Study: Watching Fox News makes you ignorant by John Grooms

7. Kick-Ass: More like lame-ass by Matt Brunson

6. Daily Show's 'unsophisticated audience'? Studies say no by John Grooms

5. Shutter Island: Twist and shout by Matt Brunson

4. Charlotte's Bad girl: Chatting up Kendra James of the Bad Girls Club by Mike McCray

3. The Penguin Drive-In changes ownership by Cheris Hodges

2. Racist comix roil Tea Party waters by John Grooms


1. Drunk, anti-Muslim bigot gets butt kicked by John Grooms

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