Every time it snows, a climate change skeptic gets his wings



Climate change skeptics are some of the most amusing, annoying folks around. For example, every time it's not hot outside they prance around going, "See?! See?! It's not hot!" Morons. Way to display your utter lack of understanding.

Case in point: Check out the beginning of this article from Time magazine about how snowfall winds their paranoia:

It's become as much a winter tradition as eggnog at Christmas and champagne on New Year's Eve — the first major snowstorm of the year bringing out the climate-change skeptics. And the bona fide blizzard that has frozen much of the Northeast just a few days after winter officially began definitely qualifies as major. But while piles of snow blocking your driveway hardly conjure images of a dangerously warming world, it doesn't mean that climate change is a myth. The World Meteorological Organization recently reported that 2010 is almost certainly going to be one of the three warmest years on record, while 2001 to 2010 is already the hottest decade in recorded history. Indeed, according to some scientists, all of these events may actually be connected.

Read the entire article, by Bryan Walsh, here.

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