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In non-shocking news, Harriet Jinwright, who, along with her husband Anthony, was found guilty of conspiracy and tax evasion by a jury of her peers in federal court, is appealing her conviction. She's also claiming she's a "pauper" and will therefore continue to utilize the services of court-appointed attorneys. Oh, and she filed the appeal before her two-day, 20-plus hour sentencing hearing.

Harriet is supposed to report to prison in April. Meanwhile, Anthony has been in Mecklenburg County lock up since the couple was convicted in early May, but he'll soon be transferred to federal prison.

From Qcitymetro.com:

In a court document seeking leniency for their client, lawyers for Harriet Jinwright stressed her “limited role” in the federal tax evasion for which she and her husband, Bishop Anthony Jinwright, were convicted.

The document, recently made public by order of U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney, places much of the responsibility on Anthony Jinwright.

The document does not acknowledge tax evasion or any other crime; instead, it refers repeatedly to a “loss.”

The 15-page document, dated Nov. 30, points out that Harriet Jinwright, 51, was convicted on far fewer charges than was her 54-year-old husband.

“The jury’s verdicts show that Mrs. Jinwright’s role in the loss was minor compared to that of her husband,” the document states. “The evidence in this case supports Mrs. Jinwright’s contention that her role bore little relationship to the loss amount...”

The document initially was filed under seal as part of Harriet Jinwright’s pre-sentence report, but Whitney ruled earlier this month that it and other documents must be made part of the public record.

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In the often lively comment section below the article on Qcitymetro.com, commenters wonder how anyone driving luxury cars and living in a large house on Lake Norman could be considered a pauper. Good question.

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