GOP senators: No discrimination? Then no START nuke treaty



The fate of the new START nuclear treaty with Russia is in doubt today, due to an outbreak of excess pissiness among Republican senators. It seems that the delicate sensibilities of Sens. Mitch “The Tortoise" McConnell and  Lindsey “DADT’s not going anywhere” Graham were bruised when Democrats had the gall to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell despite the senators’ objections. In retaliation, they’re pouting and stamping their feet — and refusing to vote for a treaty that is supported and seen as a big step forward by nearly everyone on earth except for two groups: Islamic terrorists who want to get their hands on a nuke, and the far-right wing of U.S. politics, which seems trapped in a Cold War time warp.

These GOP leaders are, in effect, saying, “We’re so dedicated to discrimination against gays and lesbians that if we can’t have our way, then we’re willing to risk Islamic radicals acquiring nuclear weapons.” But that’s OK because, as you must remember, they’re the patriotic ones. Like uber-patriot John McCain who, when DADT was repealed, declared that “Today is a very sad day.” No, John, it’s you that’s very sad, trapped in that archaic head of yours. But Graham and McConnell? They’re just pissy.

One of these is Sen. Mitch McConnell
  • One of these is Sen. Mitch McConnell

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