'God hates fags' crazies of Westboro Baptist Church to picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral



The super-conservative, anti-gay, lunatic pinheads from Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) in Kansas say they will show up Saturday to picket the funeral of the late Elizabeth Edwards. The estranged wife of former Sen. John Edwards died earlier this week after a long, public battle with cancer. The service for Edwards will be held Saturday, 11:30 a.m., at Edenton United Methodist Church in Raleigh.

The Westboro fanatics, led by Rev. Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps, are known for picketing funerals in protest of America’s “acceptance” of homosexuality. Most infamously, they have picketed U.S. soldiers’ funerals while holding “Thank God For Dead Soldiers” signs; they have also picketed the burials of Mister Rogers and Coretta Scott King.

The group’s new press release (see below) declares, “God Hates Elizabeth Edwards,” and “Elizabeth Edwards Is In Hell,” and accuses Edwards, who won accolades for her courage in the face of terminal cancer, of being “a blasphemer.”

This is the United States and, at least for now, people have a right to protest whatever they want, no matter how crazy or distasteful they may be. Of course, people also have a right to counter-protest; lately, counter-protesters at WBC events have gotten pretty creative with their own signs. This is the kind of anti-hate-group activity to be encouraged: the relentless ridicule of the knuckle-draggers who walk among us.

At other WBC protests, motorcycle gangs have outright intimidated Phelps’ followers into leaving, which, for some weird reason, makes me think of one of my favorite lines from a movie. It’s from Woody Allen’s Manhattan; the scene is a swanky fundraiser, at which a sophisticated gent says that a planned Nazi march was the subject of a “devastating op-ed piece in the Times,” to which Woody’s character replies, “"A piece in the Times is one thing, but with Nazis, I figure baseball bats really get the point across." I’m not advocating violence against the Phelps nuts; I’m just saying, that's one of my favorite lines from a movie. Anyhow, see the Westboro Baptist press release, below the photograph.

  • Westboro's finest, in Washington D.C.


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