Bit of hope for progressives from Obama



It’s no secret that progressives aren’t thrilled so far with the Obama administration. Leave Iraq? Not really. Throw crooked bankers in jail? No. Waste lives and money in Afghanistan? Yes. Massive New Deal-style jobs programs? In your dreams. Public option included in health care reform? Nope. And on and on and on. But now and then, the Obama White House reminds us that a vote for him in 2008 was the right one, as the administration picks around the edges of the D.C. bureaucracy to install needed changes — changes which you can bet your life you wouldn’t have seen in a McCain administration. Yesterday, the White House gave progressives a couple of new reasons to be glad the Walking-Corpse/Hockey-Mom ticket lost in 2008.

First, the Federal Trade Commission jumped into the debate over Internet privacy yesterday, calling for a plan that would let Web users opt out of having their browsing and purchasing habits monitored. The plan would work through a “do not track” mechanism, similar in effect to the “do not call” registries for phone users.

Second, the Obamanauts reversed their decision to expand offshore oil exploration off the Atlantic Coast and in the eastern Gulf area. The drilling moratorium will be in force until more stringent environmental and safety standards are in place; or until President MamaGrizzly takes office, which would make progressives’ wishes irrelevant in any case, since we'll all be busy moving to another country. Meanwhile, Obama’s decision coincided with yet another report, this one from the National Wildlife Federation, that shows North Carolina is prime wind power territory for the U.S. In fact, N.C. has more offshore wind power potential than any other state. The Observer reports that the news “could mark a path for N.C. companies, policymakers and researchers looking at how best to harness energy from the state's coast,” a goal Gov. Perdue has been pushing. Hang on, fellow progressives. The Neanderthals haven’t completely taken over yet.

Coming to a coastline near you
  • Coming to a coastline near you

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