Tea Party leader says only property owners should vote



The group called Tea Party Nation has its own weekly radio show. ThinkProgress is reporting that during a recent show, the president of Tea Party Nation (TPN), Judson Phillips, declared that voting rights in America should be restricted to property owners. That’s how the Founding Fathers wanted it, says Phillips, and “that makes a lot of sense, because if you’re a property owner, you actually have a vested stake in the community.” That’s the Tea Party Nation, folks: Building a bridge to the 18th century. Of course, doing it the Founding Fathers’ way would also mean that no women or African-Americans could vote, no matter how much property they own. Oh, wait a minute, we forgot: women and blacks wouldn’t be allowed to own property; or is Phillips only talking about voting rights? This ancestor worship thing can get confusing. It’s not the first time Phillips has gotten attention for making ass-backward statements. It was only a month ago that he went on record as saying Americans shouldn’t vote for any Muslim candidates because the religion tells its followers to kill whoever disagrees with them. Read all about Phillips’ disturbing proposal for restricting voting rights here, where you'll also find out how the rolling back of voting rights is just part of the plan for prominent members of the far right; if you feel like it, you can even listen to a clip of Phillips, our newest constitutional scholar, sharing his obnoxiously retro ideas.

Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips
  • Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips

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