Delta saves passengers from certain death-by-tattoo



Never mind the TSA's porno scanners and grope squads — here is just how really crazy the airport security nonsense has become: Saturday, a man was detained on a Delta flight for having tattoos on his fingers that spelled, “Atom Bomb.” Well-known food stylist/photographer, Adam C. Pearson, was sporting the tattoos, which a fellow passenger reported to a flight attendant as "offensive." Pearson was asked to get off the plane, and was questioned by the attendant and the pilot, who told Pearson he had been reported for “suspicious behavior” because of the tattoos.

There’s no indication whether the complaining passenger is scared of his own shadow, has no idea he's living in a culture where tattoos have become common, or is simply a jerk, but Delta has earned a black eye and some deserved ridicule for even acknowledging such a stupid complaint.

The Land of the Free, where you can be detained for having “atom bomb” on your hand. As a friend put it, “Makes sense. If something in a shoe could take down a whole airplane, and smoldering underwear could wipe out the Midwest, just think how many millions could be wiped out by a tattoo. The inmates have taken over the asylum.”

Mr. Pearson and his infamous, terrorist tattoos
  • Mr. Pearson and his infamous, terrorist tattoos

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