Alvin Greene for President?



Most people probably thought Alvin Greene would go away, or at least leave the spotlight, after he was trounced by U.S. Senator/hair coloring connoisseur Jim DeMint, in last week’s election. Well, think again. This is America, where celebrity can become quite addictive.

Greene admitted yesterday to Politico that he is thinking of running for President of the United States, after a reporter for the website asked Greene if he was the anonymous person who'd been asking around about the cost of a presidential race filing fee. Greene is also excited about his new comic book, Ultimate Warrior, in which he is a superhero who saves people from foreclosure. At his election night party, there wasn’t anything else to celebrate, so he spent most of the evening talking up the comic book, which seemed to amuse and confuse members of the national press.

Greene for President, huh? Well, his personality is no duller than Obama’s and he’s certainly no dumber than Bush, and, come to think of it, he probably has more imagination than either one of those gents, so, considering the shitpile we’re already in these days, why the hell not?

Excerpt from Alvin Greene's comic book
  • Excerpt from Alvin Greene's comic book

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