VIDEO: Interview with doctor targeted by 'Wanted' posters



As we reported earlier, Rev. Flip Benham, who distributed "Wanted" posters with the names and home addresses of abortion doctors, was found guilty of misdemeanor stalking and was slapped with a great big sentence of ... probation. Yep, put together some fliers that implicitly urge violence against someone,  pass them around, and what does the state say? Hey, not a biggie, we'll just give you probation. The problem here, of course, is that abortion doctors have been attacked, and even murdered, by anti-abortion zealots, and for Benham to then fan those same flames is dangerous, reckless and irresponsible — as is the court's decision to not send a warning shot across the bow of right-wing extremists. Here is an interview with a North Carolina doctor who was the subject of one of Benham's "Wanted" posters. It's from the Rachel Maddow  Show.

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