Craigslist: Gonna have to find your whores elsewhere



I can only assume people are obsessed with what's going on in other people's bedrooms because there's nothing exciting going down, pardon the pun, in their own. That doesn't make it any less irritating, however, when prudes invade the lives of the sexually liberated. So people like to find fuck buddies online? That's not new or shocking. How Craigslist came to be main the villain, though, I'm not totally sure. There are certainly unregulated hookups happening all over the Internet all the time — even via seemingly safe havens like Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, it's Craigslist that's in the news for facilitating the flesh trade. Now the site features a black box with the word "censored" where the listing for "adult services" used to be. Think that will cut down on horny hoes — of all varieties — hooking up online? Please. People will adapt and the humping will continue.

Want to stop seeing news about the sex slave industry, that's riding shotgun with the drug trade? Want to stop worrying about your wife finding out about your call girls? Want to protect your children from lascivious online ads? Get out of people's bedrooms and mind your own business. Stop scandalizing sex and criminalizing the human need to get it on. Oh, and go get laid. It'll probably do you some good.

Craigslist Censored