Cancer's better with a side of 'shrooms



Several articles are currently circulating about how 'shrooms can benefit cancer patients; however, for those of us who've experienced "magic mushrooms," the fact that they can help cancer patients relax isn't surprising. They can also help cancer patients, and others, discover the origins of tie dye, get lost in conversation about topics across the spectrum and encourage an overall sense of well being.

If we've got to lay out every drug in the world on a spectrum that goes from "good" to "bad," psilocybin (aka 'shrooms) would be closer to the good end than a lot of FDA-approved prescription drugs. Same goes for marijuana being a better choice than the processed, chemical-filled pills the government and pharmaceutical companies would prefer we ingest. But, we know that already. Now to change our antiquated laws so we can take the medicines we prefer.

I've decided the only way to help legislators understand the benefits of non-harmful, but currently illegal, drugs is to get them stoned thoroughly and regularly. I'm betting that, in addition to legalizing pot and 'shrooms, they'll get closer than ever to solving our world's lack-of-peace problem, they'll realize the value of the natural world and they'll stop worrying so much about their public facades. Oh, yeah, and they'll likely boost the budget with the taxes they'll impose on these drugs — taxes dealers and users would love to pay so they can spend more time enjoying their trips and less time worrying about getting busted for doing something harmless.

Another bonus: When we start legalizing these types of products and medicines, we'll also start saving some of the money and lives we're currently losing in the war on drugs.

So, what do you think? Who wants to help Washington and Raleigh get baked?

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TWO years ago, CNN ran this news story on the benefits of 'shrooms: