Bailed-out Bank of America gets Tea Party account



If you thought a business’ practices were immoral and dangerous, would you give them your money? How about if you had conducted national campaigns against the specific practices that benefited the business in question? No, didn’t think so. Good for you for being consistent. That’s apparently not a priority at the Tea Party Express, for some reason.

Although one of the Tea Party Express’ "founding principles" is that bank bailouts are "dangerous," "immoral," and, of course, "socialist," they’re keeping all their funding at Bank of America, which received $45 billion in bailout money from the feds. Specifically, the TPE keeps its money at Bank of America in Corona, Calif. FYI, Corona has at least six other banks that didn’t receive any bailout money.

According to ThinkProgress, the TPE has specifically slammed Bank of America in the past for taking bailout money, but hey, that was last year. So why is there such a disconnect between the Tea Party Express’ “founding principles” and its own business practices? One ThinkProgress reader came up with what we think is a reasonable explanation: Someone finally got through to the Tea Partiers that the bank bailouts were set up by the Bush administration, not Obama, so it was probably a good idea after all. Sounds about right — after all, no Muslims or socialists were involved in Bush’s decision, right?


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