Tea Party racist Mark Williams steps in it again


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Some people really, really don’t know when to shut up. Mark Williams is one of those people.

You may remember Williams as the guy who was fired as spokesman for the Tea Party Express after he wrote an unbelievably racist “satire” of the NAACP. He had gotten into hot water before that for saying that Muslims worshipped a “monkey god.” Now, he’s found a new ethnic minority to insult: Jews.

Currently the leader of the tea party support group Citizens for Constitutional Liberty, Williams weighed in on the New York mosque ruckus by criticizing New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, both Jews, and calling them “domestic enemies” and “Judenrats” for supporting the mosque. “Judenrats” is an insulting term that was used to describe Jews who cooperated with the Nazis. Williams told Talking Points Memo that Bloomberg and Stringer deserved the title of “Judenrats” because, “Bloomberg and Stringer are exactly that, selling out not just Jews but all civilized mankind to the 21 century Nazi ideology of radical Islam as represented by Ground Zero Mosque.” O-kay, Mark; now please put down the weapon and calm down.

Looks like Williams, who has stated he wants to be part of Tea Party leadership again, may have to wait a lot longer for his wishes to come true, although, as of yet, no statement condemning Williams’ anti-Semitism has been released by any Tea Party spokespersons.

Mr. Sensitivity Training, Mark Williams
  • Mr. Sensitivity Training, Mark Williams


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