Oil spill news: BP still sucks



Have you seen these BP headlines from around the globe?

Where's all that oil spill waste going? Much of it to 'communities of color,' study finds — AL.com (The site for Birmingham, Huntersville and Mobile, Ala., news.)

Final spot for oil-spill debris: common landfillsThe Miami Herald

But, let's face it, dumping trash and toxic waste near poor folks is nothing new for Alabama's long-standing Good 'ol Boy club.

Also, did you hear? BP's getting free government money. Now, that's interesting.

BP project pockets stimulus fundsThe Sacramento Bee

Oh, and all of those harmless dispersants? They're freaking the Obama administration's scientists out ... as they freakin' should: BP oil spill: Obama administration's scientists admit alarm over chemicalsThe Guardian

But, at least there are a few people helping us find the funny in BP's big-ass, life-altering disaster. You've gotta laugh to get through some shit. For me and the Alablamastanian branch of my family tree — the shrimpers and fishers now out of work, those folks watching the towns they've always lived in shrivel and their white beaches bleed oil — laughing is a good and needed break from the severe depression this oil spill has caused.

Presenting: BP spills coffee ...

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