'AZ Doesn’t Speak for Me' event in Uptown tonight



While the most controversial parts of Arizona’s SB 1070 have been put on hold as legal issues are investigated, those who disagree with the bill remain strong in their solidarity; here in Charlotte, opponents of SB 1070 will go on to stage a protest today. Beginning at 5:30 p.m., Uptown’s Marshall Park will be hosting “AZ Doesn’t Speak for Me,” an event put together by a coalition called Charlotte United. Composed of members from groups like Action NC, Grassroots Leadership, Unity Group of Charlotte, Bonilla Community Services, American Friends Service Committee, Immigrant Solidarity Committee, and the Saint Peters Catholic Church Social Justice Committee.

The event was organized with the objective of raising awareness not only of SB 1070, but also of SJ 1349, a North Carolina copycat proposal that could be signed into law next year. The Department of Justice has already filed a suit against the law, and the members of Charlotte United hope it will be declared unconstitutional, thus preventing SJ 1349 from taking hold. Activist Roxana Bendezú told Spanish-language paper Mi Gente “Esta ley podría llegar a Carolina del Norte, lo cual traería consecuencias no sólo para los indocumentados sino también para personas legales, ciudadanos que debido a su aspecto podrían ser objeto de perfil racial. [Translation: This law could come to North Carolina, which would bring consequences not only for those without papers but also for people here legally, citizens whose appearance could make them the object of racial profiling.]

The evening will feature a mix of informational and artistic happenings. Local theater director Glen Hutchinson will present a play entitled "Lady Liberty Faces the Day," starring six amateur actors. Those who wish to attend are encouraged to wear white and bring a candle.

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