Al-Qaeda mag or Onion parody?



Lately, I’m worried about Sue Myrick, and fully expect her head to explode sometime soon. No, Sue’s not hearing more voices from her coffeemaker, at least as far as I know. But it’s clear that her tight, fevered focus on all things Muslim is loosening her bolts, if you know what I mean. That’s why the latest news about a young Charlotte man, Samir Khan (no relation to songwriter Sammy Cahn), who has a pro-jihadist blog and is said to be editing Inspire, an online magazine for al-Qaeda in Yemen, is the worst thing that could happen to Sue. As we’ve written before, the woman’s already seeing jihadists under every bed (she really missed her era; she’d have been in her element during the Red Scare), but the al-Qaeda magazine/Charlotte connection could be more than she can take.

Seriously, here we go again with the constant drumbeat of fear that passes for patriotism these days. OK, so there’s someone here who’s editing a pro-jihad magazine. If it’s true, then deal with it; either arrest the guy or decide he’s within his rights, and get on with life. That’s how a country that hasn’t lost its bearings deals with that kind of thing — not by running around petrified, freaking out at every reminder that there are people in the world who don’t like us. But, as long as we have officials like Sue "Forever Scared" Myrick,  the country will never start acting like rational grown-ups whenever the latest jihadist pops out of his hole.  Especially one who’s editing a slick, full-color online publication — in English, no less — that looks like a Charlotte Magazine special edition for suicide bombers, and is supposedly being used to recruit for al-Qaeda, although not many of its intended readers can even read the thing.

You can see pages from this great threat to our nation here. Frankly, it’s almost like a parody of an al-Qaeda magazine, something The Onion would crank out. I particularly like one story’s headline, “Make A Bomb In The Kitchen of Your Mom,” by “The AQ Chef.” As Charles Barkley likes to ask, “Is this for real?” I could be wrong, of course, but this whole “case” just feels like a crock. And even if it's for real, it's sure as hell nothing to go nuts over.

Be Afraid! A page from the greatest threat to our nation to ever come from Charlotte
  • Be Afraid! A page from the greatest threat to our nation to ever come from Charlotte

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