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Dr. Oz - physician, TV star of The Dr. Oz Show and frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show - visited Charles Mack Citizen Center in Mooresville yesterday to discuss healthcare and other wellness-related issues in a lecture titled, "All About You." Tickets sold to the event benefited HealthReach Community Clinic, a free medical, dental, chiropractic and prescription service offered to low-income residents without health insurance.

John Mack, a Mooresville native and chairman of Morgan Stanley & Co., is a longtime friend of Oz and funded his trip. Mack also pledged to match the funds raised from the lecture, which featured around 350 attendees.

Another guest speaker, Brad Wilson of Blue Cross Blue Shield added that the foundation would continue to do its part in helping the cause. “In my mind, there’s no better investment that people can make," he said.

Oz began his speech by explaining his passion for healthcare and his former contributions, including a day of free medical care with National Association of Free Clinics in Houston, Texas. He also stressed the need for both free clinics and awareness into health problems that can go unnoticed without routine visits to a doctor.

He continued by discussing healthy life adjustments - such as daily cardio activity, eating whole foods and finding ones purpose in life - and obesity. NASCAR racecar driver Richard Petty, who was in attendance, was called onto the stage to demonstrate how to properly measure belly fat in accordance with waist size and height.

Oz finished with a Q&A session with guests, followed by a reception for VIP ticket holders.

For more information on HealthReach Community Clinic, click here.


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