Worse than a KFC Double Down?



And you thought KFC's Double Down sandwich was unbelievable. The cheese and bacon sandwich that uses two pieces of chicken instead of bread will go down in U.S.  fast food history, but, incredibly, it has already met its match. The food website Slashfood reports that the Friendly’s chain of restaurants now offer, for your arteries’ and stomach lining’s consideration, the Grilled Cheese Burger Melt, as psychotic an item as has ever graced a menu. Basically, the GCBM is a Friendly’s Big Beef burger, but rather than a bun, the meat and fixin’s are wedged between two entire, full-sized grilled cheese  sandwiches. My only question is this: Who, besides some iron-gut teenager on a dare, eats this kind of glop? The more pertinent question, though, might be “Exactly how disinterested in customers’ health can a restaurant chain be?” We don’t know the answer,  but you have to figure the people who run the Friendly’s chain are pretty high on the “Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass” Top 10 list.

Photo courtesy of Friendly's
  • Photo courtesy of Friendly's

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